Hi! I'm Michael Kelly, a software engineer in New York, NY.

You can email me at m@michaelkelly.org (GPG Key).

Here's my resume.

I occasionally put things on GitHub.

I have a blog which is not frequently updated.

Old Projects

CampusMap: An interactive map of the UC San Diego campus. Collaboration with David Lindquist.

Marry-Fuck-Kill: Web version of the parlor game, with user-made content. Collaboration with Hunter Freyer. (All content is user-submitted; a lot is NSFW because it's the internet.)

nato-alpha: Simple phonetic alphabet translator, made in an evening to try out some new (to me) technologies. Translates "abc" to "alpha bravo charlie", etc.

updated: 2019-10-20 22:25:18 -0400